Annual Events & Programs


Summer Camp: The annual summer camp program at the Robbins Community Center will begin registration in April 2015. Summer Camp is  for children ages 6 to 14. Included in the small one- time registration fee is breakfast, lunch, camp T-shirt, treats, events, and competition prizes. Also, included in RCC Summer Camp is the Health Rocks program where youth engage in 60 minutes active workshops learning how important it is to build self-confidence, and discard risky behavior. Teen and adult facilitators share hands-on activities that educate youth on the consequences of tobacco, alcohol and drug use. This year we are introducing two new programs: Junior Achievers’ Financial Literacy Program and Common Thread’s Healthy Snack Program.





October Fall Harvest: This huge event that usually draws around 150 youth ages 4 to 14. At the Harvest Ball, there will be music, dancing, costume contests, and plenty of fun. During this time the children get to dance to their favorite tunes presented by a DJ and enjoy snacks . Each child before leaving receives a bag of candy. This huge event is made possible by the linkage between the Village of Robbins, Robbins Park District, Robbins Community Block Clubs, William Leonard Public Library, and Robbins Community Help Agency, Inc.






Spring-Break Camp is a mini camp for youth in the Homework Help Program, yet others are accepted. Mini-camp is free! During spring break for District 143. 5 Posen-Robbins parents can have their children ages 6 to 13 visit the Robbins Community Center from the hours of 3:00pm to 5:00pm for a week of fun activities. Activities include volleyball, basketball, board games and video game days. Spring Break Camp usually attracts 30 participants.




easter-eggs12_1822Easter Egg Hunt: This annual exciting and fun event takes place close to the Easter holiday and attracts close to 300 children every year. Children go on an Easter egg hunt, eat pizza, play games, compete for prizes, and receive a huge bag of goodies before leaving. This event is made possible by the linkage of Bremen Youth Services, Robbins Park District, Robbins Community Block Clubs, Robbins Public Library, and The Robbins Community Help Agency, Inc.



Winter Camp: In December children ages 6 to 13 have the opportunity during their Christmas break to come out to the Robbins Community Center and participate in numerous table games, competitive games, make crafts, and receive prizes and other treats.  Winter Camp is sponsored by the Robbins Community Help Agency, Inc.wintercamp_logo





Pre- Thanksgiving Dinner: During the week of Thanksgiving, RCHA along with lead volunteer staff Bernadata Evans, Kimberly Riddle, and Charmaine conduct a Thanksgiving dinner feeding those who are unable to provide a feast for themselves during the Thanksgiving holiday in the spirit of giving. On average we feed one hundred people annually.








PancakesPancake Breakfast is an annual fundraiser. This event brings community members and leaders together to socialize, eat and have fun. Two hundred people visited or donated to the Robbins Community Center in support of Robbins Community Help, Agency’s Pancake breakfast fundraiser.

Special Programs

RCHA Newsletter is distributed throughout the community of Robbins by direct mail and to our patrons at the Robbins Community Center quarterly.  The purpose of this newsletter is to publicize the Robbins Community Center to citizens and possible clients without cable or internet. Research has shown that 50% of Robbins residents do not have cable and a majority does not have access to the internet, even when a computer is in the home.

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