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Volunteers are essential to Robbins Community Help Agency, Inc.’s ability to carry out its work.  Volunteers are used to help in the office, to help plan events and initiatives, to evaluate our programs and services, and to assist in the delivery of services and programs. 99% of the work done at the Robbins Community Center by RCHA is done at the hands of our faithful volunteers.

All individuals who want to be RCHA volunteers must submit a volunteer application, which includes a background check. If selected, volunteers, at a minimum, must attend a  short volunteer orientation and carry out the duties that they commit to. Volunteers who take on leadership roles within the organization will have additional requirements, for example,  signing a confidentiality form and contract. Those who work with youth MUST undergo a background check and may have to complete other requirements.

Questions can be emailed to or asked by calling us at 708.239.0044.
Volunteer Form – Robbins Community Center

Board Member
Event Volunteers (see annual events)
Camp Leader
Camp Assistant
Health Rocks Instructor
Basketball Coach
Basketball Mom
Concession Clerk

Do you have a suggestion for a program or service? Give us a call at 708-239-0044.

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