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Robbins Community Help Agency, Inc. has served the poverty stricken and undeserved community of Robbins, Illinois since 2004.  During this time we have implemented a variety of children, youth, seniors, adult, and community programs to help address the issues of poverty, lack of education, unemployment, obesity, drug use, and the digital/technology divide gap. Robbins Community Center also serves as an emergency evacuation site and a warming/cooling haven.

Over the years, Robbins Community Help Agency, Inc. (RCHA) has partnered with several local social service agencies and other entities to provide services, programs, and resources to a community in great need. Due to the need for additional services, programs and resources in the community of Robbins, the RCHA is looking to continue with collaborations, partnerships, and in seeking funding to implement further services to the community residents of Robbins and surrounding areas. Currently, RCHA has thirty-four partnerships and linkages.

About Robbins Community Center


Robbins Community Center

Robbins Community Center

Several years ago we talked about our community center and what we hope to achieve through our involvement and actions.  Our faith was supported by a team that consists of several devoted residents and the Village of Robbins.  We knew that we had to deal with various issues and that by working together results could be achieved.

While 13800 Trumbull Avenue stood empty, the Robbins Community Help Agency, Inc (RCHA) has brought new hope to the Robbins Community Center (RCC).  In 2004, the RCHA began renovating the historical Robbins Community Center building.  Since that time, RCHA, with the contributions of others, has purchased, replaced or repaired items of the RCC listed below.

Restoration List

  • replaced windows
  • window coverings
  • blinds
  • hot water heaters
  • replaced  roof
  • replaced gutters  
  • downspouts

  • tuck pointing
  • plumbing 
  • electrical supplies
  • ceiling tiles
  • floor tiles 
  • gymnasium floor
  • bleachers

  • doors
  • office furniture
  • elevator
  • stoves
  • refrigerators
  • parking lot repraving

Robbins Community Help Agency, Inc. is in partnership with the American Red Cross to remain “Red Cross Ready.” RCHA associates have participated in American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Training for the Robbins Community Center.

Without a doubt, every minute has been worth it. And now more than ever, this good work is turning an investment that our donors and community can be proud of.  When our doors reopened, we had a center that strengthened and built a sense of community among neighborhood residents that we know today.

This center and the devoted residents are testaments to the strength of our community.  And with that, I challenge each of us to embrace the responsibilities that come with Robbins Community Help Agency, Inc.’s commitment to serve our community.

 Thank You

 “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world….

Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” –Margaret Mead

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